I think kudu are my all time favourite antelope. As a child I tried to sneak up as close as I could! They are always on the alert, ready to rush off.

Even in a park where there are no predators, and no one shoots them, they seem poised for flight.


A female and few youngsters are pictured here eating salt at the pan…KuduThe females don’t have those awesome twisty horns the males do…


Any hunter knows, the males, always to be found in the thick brush, remain in sight, but hard to aim at. I took this (camera) shot with the zoom pretty much all out. They stood just inside the tree line the entire time the girls licked the salt…head butting each other.


Here again zoomed



9 thoughts on “Kudu…

    • I love them…I remember once on Essexvale Ranch I was sitting on the bank of the Inyankuni River, holding my horse and a male kudu landed smack in the middle of the river right next to me! He stared at me for one long second and then leapt on to the bank and away – beautiful creatures

  1. My favourite too – it never ceases to astound me how HUGE they actually are up close, they are so elegantly built – it’s deceptive. Thanks for sharing these great shots x

    • The shot I would still like to get is of the kudu on Essexvale Ranch – its still imprinted on my mind! Those fluid eyes and tiny thin legs! The biggest problem with these creatures is they are suckers for green in the winter – they just cannot resist coming into green fields – our neighbour kept in the black one year, simply from growing winter wheat and putting the kudu he shot through his butchery! Sick…

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