I’m a little worried Bella could become too much of a feature on my blog. I can’t resist her, she is such a beautiful creature. I go out with the camera, and after a while find myself simply watching her, the way she moves: sometimes leaping, others, just that languid bound, almost nonchalant…always perfect landings too! Bella never trips over her high heels!


Look at that mascara, those green eyes!


And this is her warning look:


In Bella language, this is “Come one step closer dog, and…” I have yet to get her hissing, but I’m sure it won’t be very long! She is nasty to the dog, who really just wants to play! He is one of those dogs who only retreats when I tell him to get out. Get out to Rufus means out of THIS room and into say, the kitchen! With the advent of Bella, who understands that OUT means right out. Like right of the house RIGHT NOW! Poor old Roof…


I’m going to have no gecko’s or lizards left soon – she catches something several times a day and brings it into the room for TomTom…who plays with them and then leaves them around for me to squish!!! Eeuw.

As ever, I leave my favorite for last…


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9 thoughts on “Bella…

  1. Really beautiful. The third my favourite. Cats provide unconditional love and companionship. They also teach us lessons in how to live life and experience joy. They don’t have the same concerns that human beings carry around that disrupt our daily lives….. Cats don’t rush around. They don’t check their cat watches or be glued to cell/mobile phones… They are not panic stricken about getting somewhere/anywhere. They just are. Watching a cat can be just a lot of fun. Bella cat has something to teach you. ❤

    • Yes – I have several versions of the third pic. She saw something in the moonflower above her – it would have been lovely to get her jumping, but I think my camera skills are just not up to that yet! Maybe when my new camera arrives, it has a continuous shoot setting but in high res.

      • It’s a present from a friend! This camera isn’t that good. My nice one, a panasonic was stolen when we were in SA. I bought this one off Gumtree – so I didn’t investigate and choose it ‘speshly! IT has been OK but I think the sensor is about to futt out – it doesn’t adjust well in certain conditions and because it’s an automatic zoom, I won’t be able to use it once it doesn’t work any more. Can’t wait for my new one though! Should be arriving first week on Feb (in Zim, that is. Harare. Don’t know when it will get down to me!!!)

    • What I like about the last one, is that you see Bella, all your attention is on those green, green eyes and then – oops TomTom is right behind her! Thanks for the visit (at least Bella is prettier than Twinks, Hey?)

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