Snot Apple…

Snot Apple

This is the flower of the snot apple or Uxakuxaku.

Snot Apple

Its like chewing gum. Its eaten when its dry and has split and sort of oozed out of the cracks. And you chew and chew and chew! I think its an acquired taste! You can’t eat Uxakuxaku politely or with your mouth closed!


snot appleI love the way the flowers fade to bright red.

snot apple

In this pic you can sort of see the hairy fruit developing. I took these pics in January, in Filabusi.

snot apple

And they look like this by July! I took this photo at Khami Ruins



5 thoughts on “Snot Apple…

    • I dunno – this is divided in quarters, oozing snot. Its sort of sweet and you can’t eat it politely! The outside is hairy but you eat the whole thing, hairs and all…and chew and chew and cos its so big, it doesn’t fit in your mouth so you dribble the snot out a bit. Maybe its also a snake apple!

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