Is in the Filabusi area and I had never heard of it until we had to to a survey there!

I had already noticed the Great Dyke ends about five kilometres from where we were and I thought I’d get a shot of it end on if I got high enough.

Well, I’m not sure I did, but I managed to take some photographs that show what this place must have looked like in ages past…


This is taken in the section of the Communal Land that is allocated to graze cattle. After a very late start to the season, its green enough and the cattle fat. This sweet grass under the trees is unrivaled for grazing.


It’s like a park…it was cool and other than the abundant bird-life, absolutely quiet.




Our poor old client lives in South Africa, like so many Zimboes – but he does have this view, from his front door, to look forward to in his retirement!


I hope this client gets water here, and from the survey it looks like he will…it will make so much difference. We had a great day, but for me, the best part was the sadza we were offered… for a sadza connoisseur like me, there is nothing like sadza cooked on the fire and by a woman – sorry to be a feminist here, but men just don’t cook it long enough and also never with enough elbow grease! Service with a smile!


Below is the metropolis of Vocolo – the ‘c’ pronounced with your tongue pushed against your front teeth like the ‘tut’ when you are annoyed! VocoloThis last pic is as usual, my favourite – a white flower, stark against the green of the vegetation…





9 thoughts on “Vocolo…

  1. Never heard of it either 🙂 The one with the first cows the top favourite, (Wonder why 🙂 ) Then flowers. You can always rely on them to smile. Good advert for here on a blue Monday in the UK – Jan is the depressing month. Maybe I should post her with a snappy cation! Superb canopy of trees giving fab shade.

    • Vocolo is about 20km only from Avoca. Is on the West Nicholson Belingwe Road . We passed Avoca on the way in from the Filabusi side . The name Avoca is still the same .

      • Its still lovely, although we did a job in the middle of a drought in Avoca and it looked absolutely terrible – it was barren and dry and no hope of a borehole at the school we had been asked to survey. AND the road from Filabusi to Avoca was terrible! This time it wasn’t so bad and also the guy we were with took us through the back way, so we missed large sections of the main road in

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