Strange shaped rocks in the Matopos…

Matopos has some very odd shaped rocks. Sometimes I can see a person’s face, other times an animal…

Have a look at these!


Looks a little like Stonehenge doesn’t it?


OK no suggestions on THIS one, (above) maybe a troll???

MatoposAmazing how they wear into strange shapes.


Don’t tell me you can’t see a grumpy old man…

Although, other people have seen an elephant, and a horse!

I love the tree holding up this rock!

MatoposLook at that pothole, in the middle of the rock. Can you imagine how many years it must have taken to develop? There are a fair number of them here at Diana’s Pools, some of them deep.Diana's Pools




4 thoughts on “Strange shaped rocks in the Matopos…

  1. Top one someones grave. Number 2 – termites looked back and their home turned into salt/stone 🙂 Number 3 – a meteor landed amongst the round rocks. Number 4 – Mongoose waiting for you to go away. Number 5 – nature – here’s some soil so let a bird use it as a toilet 🙂 Last one a flat toad watching….

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