Ploughing the old-fashioned way…

Ploughing the old fashioned way

I took these photos in a place called Vocolo in Filabusi area which is Southern Zimbabwe. The ‘c’ is pronounced like an annoyed click with your tongue underneath your front teeth!

Ploughing the old fashioned way

The rains are late this year and to be ploughing now, is madness…

Ploughing the old fashioned way


7 thoughts on “Ploughing the old-fashioned way…

  1. Super to see again. We did it for ages on the farm. Whenever I was irritable, mum put me on that duty. I tell you – a few lines trundling up and down the field and a person is back to A okay 🙂

    • We had a little Massey Ferguson (one of the tiny ones) never an ox plough, the first time I saw them was in Fort Rixon where the people lived a pretty traditional life, rather than the “compounds” or to be PC, “farm village” found on many large ranches. I never took any pics then!

      • We moved onto David Brown tractors, then when sanctions…my brother made ones up, then there was a Russian thing that came in a box and put together never worked 🙂 so we went back to hand made by boet tractors. he went all over the local farms “bastardising” tractors.

      • I thought we’d live in Rhodesia or ever….Life sure has twists and turns. Mike is into cheese making over there too – taught by mum on the Farm. Exported talent 🙂

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