Underwater gardens…

I find little bits of nature that I want to take home, add to my garden…of course I can’t, so I take photos instead. These were little ‘gardens’ underwater, growing in amongst the rocks and the crashing waves.Underwater gardens

I couldn’t have arranged it better if I tried..

Underwater gardensThose little thingies at the water level are hell on your feet walking on the rocks!

Underwater gardensUnderwater gardens



7 thoughts on “Underwater gardens…

      • I have a self focusing camera, so look through the view finder until you see it’s focused on the underwater plant – then click the shutter. Sometimes the sheen on the water is too strong (I have plenty of those) and just delete them. Ive noticed the same happens when you take a pic of a bird through the window – if you can get the camera to focus on the bird and not the dirty splodges on the glass, you get a perfectly good photo

      • Hey – don’t be rude about your tiny Olympus – I had a tiny Panasonic TZ 6 (stolen in SA) and it was a marvelous thing – the photos it took! Its amazing even what my Fujipix managed, one of the first digital cameras on the market

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