I took these photographs of the Waterberg, on our way through Limpopo Province…


WaterbergUsually we drive on a road on the other side of this range of hills and have always wondered about a place called Vaalwater. There are so many signs heading there…we wanted to know what Vaalwater looked like!!! So now we know.Waterberg

I love the colour of the grass and the mountains repeating themselves into the distance. I took these two pics at about lunch time, the light pretty strong.



3 thoughts on “Waterberg…

  1. Chuckling…Mum said one day that we pass all those signs…that now is the day we go there. We went, found a tiny farm stall, sat having coffee and koeksisters, then after a few hours they suggested we stay over at their farm. Then followed 2 lovely farm nights. detours are good.

    • Ummm – I can’t say out pass through Vaalwater was anything so exciting! We stopped at the (inevitable) Stop Street, looked about and said, “OK, so this is Vaalwater.” We had to get out of the country that day – visa restrictions…so couldn’t have spent a night there – but we did get to see the magic view of the Waterberg above, so I shant complain!

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