This (above) is my portrait shot! Hornbill

I think this was a mummy/baby pair. They flew into our campsite, one smaller than the other. They first landed high in the tree and sussed us out…Hornbill

Then slowly slowly made their way down…

Once on the ground they both hopped about quite boldly. Posed for me!HornbillThis maneuver is equivalent to a cat with his leg past his ear…but I think the hornbill needs to be a little more careful with his beak than a cat with his tongue! After all – this is how he sharpens his beak! Hornbill



4 thoughts on “Hornbill…

  1. Lovely series of shots. I last experienced them when I was at Jock Safari Lodge last year. They stomped around on the decking and were very good at picking out people that would take care of them 🙂

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