Camping at Gona re Zhou…

We asked for a camp site at Chilojo Cliffs – and this is what we got:Camping at Gona re Zhou...These photos are all taken from our campsite! Camping at Gona re Zhou...

We arrived in the late afternoon – the sun shining on the cliffs.Camping at Gona re Zhou...There is water; river water, and far far away across the sand.  I wrote about digging for it on my writing blog here:Chilojo Cliffs Gona re Zhou

Word of advice – keep your emails arranging your booking at GRZ on your phone – when we got there they had no record of us!!


8 thoughts on “Camping at Gona re Zhou…

      • They werefine when we got there and then theystsrted culling… ellies don’t like that… but when wemoved to Twisa siding we had aresident bull that stayed in camp with us,…. i think he felt safe from the cullers… quite tame he was too…. I slapped him on the arse once toget him to move, he did very reluctantly…. you must remembrr by then we were a little bush… the bull hated thetrain though… when it past he would chase it and a day or two later return… I covered this whole trip in my book… wonderful memories I have of that place…

      • I wondered if perhaps they have always been shot at and poached for years – antiquity perhaps – and that is why they were so cheeky! Since the river is sort of navigable, people must could have hunted there easily, and removed the ivory too.

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