Kudu in Gona Re Zhou

The animals were in lovely condition, when we went to GRZ – fat and shiny and hardly skitzy…obviously not many people shooting them there. Kudu in Gona Re Zhou

I love kudu – they always look as if they are ready to take off, and they often do, those huge horns laid against their backs


2 thoughts on “Kudu in Gona Re Zhou

  1. Spent 6 months there doing the final tertiary trig survey… back in 1971 best 6 months of my life…. there was nothing there then we cut most of our own roads…. what a time it was…

    • This was the first time Id ever been! Hubby was there in the army, and it was always on our “to-do” list….had a client in Lower Sabi and decided it was close enough! Magic few days – couldn’t stay longer as the client wanted his report! Its still pretty wild, but we didn’t need to cut our own roads

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