Approaching Sedgefield…


8 thoughts on “Approaching Sedgefield…

    • It WAS beautiful, from start to finish – the flowers along the road, the misty mountains…everything. Although we were running from nasty weather, it was very kind to us and we were able to camp without mishap! Thanks for the visit

    • We wanted to spend the night there and go to the farmer’s market – but the weather was chasing us – so pushed on to Still Bay. You were defo top on our list – recommended by everyone who heard of our plans…we were off to meet a FB friend!!! Everyone in my family of Aspies were horrified to hear of that! Actually, the weather was very kind to us – and only caught up to us back in Vereeniging five days later! There is always a next time!

      • Yes – we can practice our Afrikaans! BTW, pets are a really good way to practice – never on children – I had one rolling around on the floor killing himself laughing recently! Will defo contact you…Ha Ha – hubby and family will have another series of heart attacks! I mean how hard is it? If the cyber acquaintance is awful…, just walk away! Thanks for the visit to my blogs!

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