Fish traps at Still Bay…

Still Bay - Fish trapsThese rock pools pictured above are not natural – they are ancient fish traps. They were built, rock by rock by people who lived off the sea thousands of years ago. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We were taken there at low tide so I could photograph them, but I struggled to fit them all into one picture.Fish traps, Still Bay

Above is a closeup of one of the walls.  I took this info off the Still Bay Information Brochure: The seaward side slopes gently to make it easy for the fish to swim into the trap. The internal face is vertical and clear of debris and silt, so the “vywers” can be drained quickly and trap the fish as the tide recedes.Still Bay, fish Traps

Below is a photograph of the brochure given out at the information office detailing the names of people who “own” the fish traps. Most of them are a half moon shape and vary in size and from what I could gather, some are better at catching fish than others. Nowadays, sadly, fish are scarce.Fish traps, Still Bay


8 thoughts on “Fish traps at Still Bay…

    • Unfortunately unlike on land, one can’t see their dwindling numbers and its so easy to ignore the scientists. Still in many parts of the world, fish are the staple protein source – I still feed my cats on Atlantic mackerel and Hake, because it’s the cheapest!!! Thanks for passing by and making a comment

    • Actually I met a youngster and asked if I could watch him bait his hook…a minute or two later, he caught a fish – he was very pleased – I must have given him luck! It seems it was quite an event. Even in Zim, we have plenty of fish in the dams

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