Storms River Bridge…

I’d heard all about the suspension bridge at Storms River Mouth (pictured below.) I have always been certain I couldn’t walk over it.Suspesnsion Bridge Storms River mouth

I’d never heard much about THIS bridge, further upstream.  I see its called the Sauer Bridge. (Sorry its in Afrikaans – I’m told there is an English version, but I didn’t see it!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There is a nice parking lot just the other side…so we stopped. I love bridges, and thought it would be nice to take some pics…

We walked a short way across, and I, with solid sides on the floor of the walk way, thought I’d manage my vertigo. I did, until a thirty tonne truck rumbled onto the bridge. I didn’t even see it, but I felt the bridge jump about a foot when the lorry landed on it!

Frank turned to see me hanging on for dear life, eyes wide. “This bridge must have shock absorbers in the structure,” he says with that measured voice of his…

…and this silly woman believed him. I mean, he is an engineer and all! He knows these things. In fact the only thing he knew for sure, was he couldn’t wrestle with a vertigo struck maniac in the middle of a bridge.


Once you have braved the walk along the top, there is a cute little wooden pathway under the end structure and up again! Then the long walk down the other side. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe did get these views though…


2 thoughts on “Storms River Bridge…

    • You have NO idea how pleased I am with myself – after getting stuck up a ladder, eight meters off the ground for more than an hour – I have learned not to “live” through my fears! Its so stupid too – Im a tough old thing – a try anything once type….and yet Im defeated by anything more than a few metre off the ground…

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