Changing seasons…

Its amazing how different the same place looks at different times of the year, even times of the day.  Looking at this photograph it’s almost impossible to imagine this can be of Matabeleland, usually dry and dusty.

This rock is such a feature in the area. From above (at the trig beacon) or below in the valley, you can’t miss it.


Then, a little later, the sun comes up over the hills catching the brilliant reds and oranges of the Msasa Trees.  Look how it sticks out, stark white in the early morning light…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Below, is the same rock, but taken from the trig beacon high above looking along the valley towards the Zinjanja Ruins.Bonnybrook Trig beacon

It’s December in this picture, (above) the grass green and lush, even the trees have green leaves. Same view below taken in October, taken when it was SO hot we could hardly breathe! In October, here in Matabeleland, it’s very hot. Regina Ruins are on the top left of the photo…Bonnybrook Beacon-004

In spring, the trees here come out in new leaf – brilliant red, orange, even yellow. They fade to green in a few short days and remain pretty boring for the rest of the year!

Mgondi LeavesBelow is the same view – the picture taken down in the valley, very early in the morning – looking towards Regina (Zinjanja)  Ruins.





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