Fish Eagle at Mshelele Dam…

Fish EagleFish eagles sit for hours on the rocks watching the water. They launch themselves off the rocks and hook huge fish straight out of the water with their claws.

Fish Eagle


They are fairly big birds, the white head and shoulders as distinctive as their call.

Often, well before the sun is up one will call across the still water. Another one answers even before the first has finished.

Fish EagleThis picture gives you some idea of the height above the water. That’s the fish eagle, that little dot, right up there at the top of the rock. He flew off several times in the hour or so we watched him, swooping low over the water. I didn’t see him hook a fish unfortunately!

Fish Eagle

I realise this is a pretty feeble picture, but its what I have now…and it actually wasn’t that easy to get. The fish eagle kindly flew up and down several times for me!

Fish Eagle


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