Nature’s gardens…

I often come across areas in the bush I’d like to take up and put in my garden. I can’t of course! So I photograph them instead.

Usually I sit there for a time, commune with nature. I found this one right up high in the Matopos.

What was very unusual, not only so high up, but also in dry Matabeleland, was that we found water…and all the animals and plants that go with this life sustaining resource.

This red carnivorous plant caught my eye…


A sundew, I’m told, but I’m not sure which one…

Elsewhere on the barren rocks, the resurrection plant is waiting for the summer rains to burst into leaf overnight…here they are still green and flourishing.

Resurrection PlantAnd birds, of course. I saw the ubiquitous bulbul. Lots of doves, a couple of chinspots. I didn’t manage to capture any on celluloid…


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