Mopane trees…

MopaneI found this grove of Mopane trees in the Matopos. Its not common to find huge ones like these. Mostly they have been cut down to put in mines, or used as fence posts.


We had one paddock full of Mopane trees, and I could always rely on it for very late winter grazing. (Browse + also helped!) And if I wanted to see a kudu, the Mopane was the place to go!


The leaves of the Mopane trees change throughout the year. They can be bright green, red orange and brown.  MopaneWhat I don’t like about a Mopane grove is driving in amongst them when we are working. Don’t drive over a burnt Mopane spike – something to do with the carbon on the burnt end – a stump can slip through your tyre as easily as a knife into butter.



3 thoughts on “Mopane trees…

    • You have lovely trees in Europe. Recently a fellow Zimbabwean, living in the UK came home for a six week holiday. She said the first thing she noticed is how small the trees are! And they grow so fast, in the UK, she says. Heaven knows how old these Mopane’s are! I love their colours and the rough bark. Thanks for the visit and comment.

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