Inanke Cave…

Frank sussed out the walk to Inanke Cave  last time we went to Matopos. I don’t walk too good (I broke my leg when I was a lightie, and it didn’t work very well after that. Now that is my story, and I’m sticking to it!)

Everyone we spoke to said “Oh Inanke Cave…lovely, magic walk – helluva climb” and then looked at me significantly. Well, I’m alive to tell the story and post the photos, although they don’t at all do justice to the real thing.

The walk starts off along a little river, and that (non-Matabeles) is a surprising sight in this dry province of Zimbabwe.

Walk to Inanke Cave

This is what I imagine forests look like…Walk to Inanke CaveWe didn’t get to walk along the flat for too long…but the climb to a cave with some rock art was well worth the effort – and the place to rest!

I can easily see a family living in the cave quite happily. Its warm and dry and pretty easy to defend. Unlike the caves with lots of rock art. Generally those are high up and not that accessible. I can’t imagine a family living in Inanke Cave, or Silozwane for that matter! Ill go with the idea that a Shaman went up there to mediate!

Walk to Inanke Cave

At some time someone built a kiln up here – can’t imagine why anyone would bother to carry all the stuff here needed to run this thing…

Walk to Inanke CaveIt’s a very well preserved example though.

Which is more than I can say for this guy…he looks very old and rather ticked off…

Walk to Inanke Cave

If he had bothered to look around, he would have got a lift of the spirits looking at this view:

Walk to Inanke CaveMaybe he is feeling insignificant – I know I did.

Rather feeble rock art – but hey…I’m guessing this guy wasn’t doing this for the same reason the guy up in Inanke was – more like my photos compared with Andrew Field’s!

Walk to Inanke Cave

There is water near this cave and I heard lots of familiar birds…

Below is a male chinspot batis

Male chinspot batis

The msasa trees are out (sort of)

Walk to Inanke Cave

Walk to Inanke Cave Walk to Inanke Cave Walk to Inanke CaveYup – betta believe it…this is in Matabeleland, and taken in late August. What a sight…

Walk to Inanke Cave

This cliff literally towers over your head…the size of it doesn’t come off on this photograph, and I knew it wouldn’t, so I took another pic from on top of Inanke Cave.

Walk to Inanke Cave

Walk to Inanke CaveWe walked right up against that huge rock face, in that little green bit down the bottom…

Walk to Inanke Cave

Inanke Cave paintingsWalk to Inanke Cave

Ive enhanced the colours somewhat to improve the visibility of the rock art…Walk to Inanke Cave

I would love some ideas on what this painting is meant to be?Walk to Inanke Cave

We chose to take the ‘short’ way back to Tokwana Dam from Inanke Cave! But I’ll leave the photos of that walk to another post.





6 thoughts on “Inanke Cave…

  1. Frankie, as ever your photos are fab.keep them coming as it is the only means that we have of seeing our beloved country from afar.

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