White Throated RobinI tasked myself with photographing as many birds in the garden in Fort Rixon as I could. I didn’t know their names, but I didn’t mind – I thought I could find that out as I went along.

This White throated Robin was a challenge. Very shy, he jumped about in the undergrowth, or remained in the shadows where it’s hard to focus on him. He likes the bougainvillea covering the garage roof.

White Throated Robin

Or in the flowerbed below…White Throated Robin

He ran me a merry dance, I tell you, until the day before we left…having tea outside, I heard a bird singing in the tree near the swing seat. I gazed around, trying to locate where the lovely sounds were coming from. When I discovered who it was, I stood there pointing the camera at him and he didn’t fly away…just sang and sang! Sorry about the wobble on the video, I didn’t think to take my tripod out when I heard him, and I was scared he would fly away and sing for someone else if I went to get it. Right at the end, when the camera shakes a lot, it’s cos I couldn’t stop laughing – he seems so annoyed!

If you want to see the video, click on this link here here: and make sure your sound is on…


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