BulbulOr Toppies or TipTops…

These birds gave me the run around. They continually move and fly and they alert other birds that I want to photograph them..

I swear they do!

In this photograph they are doing something to the lucky bean tree flowers. I’m not sure what, but they throw down the little red petals forming a carpet under the tree.




When we farmed, we hated them – forever eating our tomatoes. Now of course, the monkeys have taken over…and eat our banana’s, pawpaws…well anything!


2 thoughts on “Bulbuls…

  1. happy chappies. I miss that tree over here….how many Lucky bean necklaces did we make as kids, how many games did we play using those as money…the farm had so many of them. Yet 5 years ago when I went to look it was a desert – all cut for firewood…. 😦

    • So far this one has survived – its in the yard – no idea what will happen in the future…Lovely colours and is home to several different species of birds – thanks for calling in

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