Very early morning in Matabeleland…

I wanted to take photographs of one of my favorite places in the world. I tried in the late afternoon, but it just didn’t come off. Although the light was good, it shone on the wrong side of the valley. I woke up early, drove up there and…below are the pics:

At this time of the morning, this chunk of rock hardly shows up – as soon as the sun comes up, it is stark white against the trees.

This view is looking towards the Zinjanja Ruins, probably better known as Regina Ruins.  I was blessed by a herd of very early morning cattle, who made their way slowly up the valley towards the burnt patch. I love that smell cattle have when they are peacefully munching…

Don’t you love the tree in the foreground in the picture above? Only in Africa!

The sun began to slowly throw shadows over the valley, the trees became greener, and the chill dissipated.

I sat under this little grove of trees with my flask of tea – the red/orange/green canopy, the rock seat – all made the tea that much nicer – and of course, the condensed milk – tea, drunk in the great, silent outdoors is not the same unless its made with condensed milk.


2 thoughts on “Very early morning in Matabeleland…

    • There is something with condensed milk. Have you noticed when you open a tin and put it in the fridge, the level rapidly goes down – I wonder if it evaporates further in the coldness, or perhaps its that pesky cat….

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