camouflageIve always wondered at the bright stripes on these animals.

This is a close up of the same pair…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Below – spot the buck!

Below is a chameleon, one of my all time favorite animals…so much so, that I had to add a description into my new book…

ChameleonHe was hiding out in the grapes.

Oh how often as a child did I pick them up and carry them off home. The maid was always furious with me, she said if it bit me, it would never let go…

I could hardly even imortalise this butterfly pictured above, love to watch a bird catch it!

I honestly think the guy pictured below should keep his head down! That yellow throat!




2 thoughts on “Camouflage…

    • I live chameleons. I spent hours as a child watching them. Love the long sticky tongue. I tried to get a shoot of this guy eating flies, but his tongue is faster than my shutter finger! Maybe one day

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