Lay by

Lay byI don’t know what a lay-by is called in other parts  of the world, or even why they’re called that here in Zimbabwe. I’ve often whizzed passed this one and wished I could stop. (Today we had to wait for a client…so I got my chance.)

Lay by

It’s on  the main Bulawayo/Plumtree Road.


What a wonderful place to have lunch…imagine the kids – scrambling about in the rocks. Quite safe too, from the heavy traffic on the road.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In the picture (below) you can see the main Bulawayo/Plumtree Rd in the background…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACan you spot the rock rabbit?

Rock RabbitsZoomed, slightly

Rock Rabbits

We also call them ‘dassies’ and I admit that whenever I see one, I look around for the leopard who may be stalking it!Rock Rabbits




8 thoughts on “Lay by

  1. When I went to boarding school in Chinhoyi, there was a lay by in the hills, just outside Chinhoyi where we would often stop and have our “sarmies” and coffee/juice, before (miserably for me!) proceeding onto school……..

    • My dad proposed to my mum at one on the banks of the Sebakwe River just after Que Que…amazing how romantic they were in those days!
      Talking about “proceeding to school…” I dont know a Falcon Boy who doesn’t report he hates that long, long road from the Ncema bridge…

  2. Glad you enlarged the Dassie as my nose was squished against the screen!! 🙂
    Small pictures number 2 & 3 are to die for!!! Could stay there for hours – get out the picnic & while away the hours…Takes me back to days gone by, travelling in the Kombi with our family going around Rhodesia or the Beira & SA trips.
    Laybye, pit stop, rest area – seem to be common on my trips in the US, Canada, Australia & Africa…yet many other places including here in the UK, we get motorway services that has a one size fits all scenario – loos, fuel, food. Crowded noisy & full of trucks & cars. I only stop if necessary.
    In 2013 driving over a few days, from George down to Mossel bay, then Hermanus & finally Gordons Bay – I stopped at 99% of them all. Just to rest, enjoy the view and dream. Few were a bit dodgey so drove in, jogged round the car & got back in 🙂

    • We had an old Ford F250 that my dad had adapted to a diesel engine – a tractor engine! We had to stop at each one, and then some! Actually, the engine never gave any trouble, but the rest of it did! I love to stop at odd places along the roads – did that often on the Garden Route (um the section past St Francis Bay!) Lots of places to stop and commune with nature.

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