I took a pic of this little guy in our garden in Suburbs.


Years ago on the farm, one very similar to him would sit on the branch overhanging our tea table dive bombing worms in the lawn, sometimes right next to us. One day, he did that and got his beak stuck in the lawn. The cat, lying fast asleep under our chair, zapped him. We were devastated. We loved that little guy…Later the same day we had tea and sitting on the same branch was another kingfisher dive bombing worms in the lawn.

Nature abhors a vacuum…

I lay on the lawn this morning for ages with the camera trained on the patch below, but he didn’t oblige. When he does, I’ll post the picture!


2 thoughts on “Kingfisher

  1. Nature is amazing. Hoe you get that picture.

    We were down at Lake Mac & my brother made himself comfortable to wait for a picture. We got bored & read books. Next minute in comes birdy & sits on my brothers shoulder. We shrieked with laughter & neither brother or the bird appreciated that.

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