Country Roads…

Hwange roadThis (above) is a view along the main Bulawayo, Victoria Falls road, overlooking Hwange.

Country Roads

Family, in Zimbabwe…


Country Roads

The picture (above) is the road down into the Ume valley. Its amazing, totally unexpected. We were bombing along a boring flat road, we slowed for Siakobvu and next thing…whoa!!!Country Roads

The picture (above) was taken soon after we turned off the main Victoria Falls Road. It was about 11.30 in the morning and I couldn’t wait to see what lay on the other side of the Shangani River…Country RoadsAnyone familiar with the Matopos will recognise this rock/tree/road. I love them all!



4 thoughts on “Country Roads…

  1. Every time I see a posting of your lovely trees, that song “Country road, take me home” comes to mind. Then looking at the dirt roads bring our farm near Lake Mac to mind & the adventures we had there. Why oh why did we not take more pictures then…I was supposed to be flying back next weekend but family illness has stopped it…I am gutted 😦
    The road disappearing over and the last one strong favourites but I LOVE each.

    • I’m sorry you couldn’t make it – and I agree about the photos – I regret that even when I had my first digital camera, I didn’t think to imortalise the ‘ordinary.’

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