The road that killed our car…

Passed right through this lovely pocket of forest…a reminder of what the land looked like before the railways and mines gobbled up all the timber.Tree

All too soon, we drove back into the barren countryside where people attempt to scratch a living…then we crossed over these rocks and I couldn’t resist stopping to take a few photos.


I like the shapes worn by years of water – zoomed in, these photos could be used as backgrounds …DSCF0014


Then…..we drove and we drove and we drove through thick, thick sand to a place called Zhamba. No, not Zhombe or Zwimba.


Now if you think Fort Rixon is in the middle of nowhere – try Zhamba. It’s on the bottom end of Chizarira National Park.

The following day, we drove all the way back, after successfully siting a (very good) borehole and our car conveniently broke at Ivory Lodge! Convenient because the previous year we had sited them a bore-hole so they love us…Cedric helped us tow our car and gave us a bed and supper…Imagine if we had broken down on the way back from Zhamba – we could still be there, trying to hitch a lift and you wouldn’t be looking at the pictures.

Ivory is one of my all time favourite places to view Elephants – in fact when we had to walk up to the lodge, leaving the car in the thick sand, we had to dodge about 250 of them leaving the pan.


4 thoughts on “The road that killed our car…

  1. I have really enjoyed your art. In my humble opinion, you have the eye and skill to capture the soul of a landscape. A little bit of magic?

    • Thanks – I didn’t know I had an “eye” until my son, looking through my photos said…”hey…these are quite good!” That from him is like many jumping up and down naked in the middle of the square! He is very artistic (he did my book cover for Silk Threads and is busy with the new one…”
      Actually, digital camera’s make it easy for new photographers. The ability to throw away the mampara’s and also to manipulate the photos digitally helps. I don’t do much of that, I’m told photo-shop won’t fit on my latptop…I only use Picasa and it doesn’t have many of the tools other programs do. Of course, I get around the country, and that also helps with variety. Thanks for your encouragement

      • Photo-shop may not fit but photo-shop elements will. I have it & love it, a simplified version of the whole mick mack.

      • Hey, since then, Ive got a new camera and a new laptop! My son got sick of fixing Windows regularily (long distance, most the time nogal!) and bought me an applemac! Its magic – no more hassles. Ive since added more memory and am trying to use various software. Ive not yet decided upon which on to stick to.
        My camera, of course, is the subject of more than one post here!

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