Miles apart…

Mulungwane Range UmzingwaneIf you hang around either of my blogs for long, you will see this view…I can never get enough of it. It’s always the same, always changing. It’s a view of the Mulungwane Range in Umzingwane. Most evenings, I’ll go outside, then dash back in again to collect my camera. Below is the same range, but from the other side of the Mulungwane . About 150 miles away! Mulungwane As a child, I often stared at the Mulungwane and wondered what lay on the other side.  How could I have known I would spend the next phase of my life viewing it  from the other direction…?

Waking up at Shumbashaba was like being at home,  and I didn’t even notice that I was seeing it in reverse…

This is a photograph of the same range, but from a slightly different angle – side on, almost.


A few years ago, my daughter stood on the trig beacon on the corner of Bonnybrook farm, staring out at the view. On a clear day, we can see all the way to the Matopos… Bonnybrook Trig beacon-008 She did it again – the same Mulungwane Range at her back, but from 150 miles away Matopos


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