We woke up to this view…it slowly brightened to this:


Then this…


All these photos were taken from the verhanda of the place where we stayed…I can’t recommend this guest-lodge enough – wonderful staff, a huge fire and this morning  view.


I was totally unprepared for what I found in Chimanimani. The size, the colours (It’s green in Chimanimani, although they had recently had frost.) There is water everywhere and coming from Matabeleland, particularly in the winter, it’s totally out of my experience.

ChimanimaniWe had heard the National Parks camping site was not functional. From the above its clear that is not true…all the taps had water in them and as usual everything was clean and National Parks-like! The guy was very friendly. He asked where we came from… “Mmm,” he said rubbing his chin, and thinking hard. “Matabeleland…I’ve heard of that place!” As if it were in South East Asia!

Again, the road had been recently graded. I would not have been happy driving on the result in a sedan! It was slippery and the precipices were… well, precipices!  Try avoiding a dirty great rock with a huge drop on one side.


I didn’t climb to the top…(I’m a lazy fat cow) but someone did thank goodness!


ChimanimaniThe image below shows the “hut” everyone talks about. I still wonder how all the building materials got up there! Apparently, back in the day, it had hot water and a gas stove!

The "hut" ChimanimaniWe went (note that word, “went”) to the top of Pork Pie. I really wanted to test out the four wheel drive! I also walked around like a Lipizzaner horse – bloody Viv Wilson and his “Gaboon Vipers” has stuck in my mind since childhood! We saw nothing alive there other than a little kitten I frightened when I went to the edge of a pile of rocks to get a better view northwards.


In the following  are pics taken from the top of Pork Pie




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