Bridal Veil Falls, Chimanimani

Bridal Veil FallsI see water -I must get into it and the glory of the Chimanimani is that no one is moaning about bilharzia. My problem was, it was cold when we went and I didn’t have any spare clothes with me, nor a towel

Bridal Veil FallsI jumped in anyway – hubby took the photos…and I can tell you, the naked woman you imagine you are and the freezing goosebumped realty are not even close…I won’t post them!

Bridal Veil Falls

The picnic site near the falls were deserted the day were there. National Parks have re-thatched and the road in was graded. We stopped along the road out, sat on the little bench listening to the water running out of the rocks. Not a sound a Matabele is used to!

Bridal Veil Falls



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