Mighty baobab tree…



This series was taken at Svisvi clinic in Gokwe area.baobab baobab-004 baobab-003 baobab-001




This pic, below is taken in Gona Re Zhou and I’m thinking its not a very old tree, maybe a couple of hundred years old…Baobab

It was immediately opposite this one:


You think I am holding the camera crooked? Well you’re wrong…


This tree puzzled me for ages, because trees grow upright, no matter how steep the slope. I’m guessing the ground collapsed and undermined the roots of the baobab.


2 thoughts on “Mighty baobab tree…

  1. What wonderful photographs. You have a terrific eye. What camera do you have? It must have some great lenses. Your pics left me hungry to return to Rhodesia. (Not – Zimbabwe.) Visited a few years ago, almost wish I hadn’t, as it was a sorry place. Nothing, however, could spoil the flora and fauna. Wonderful smells, rock formations all remain. I guess nothing will ever change that! Thank you for wonderful memories.

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