Orbicular granite at Diana’s Pools…

I have wanted to see the orbicular granite at Diana’s Pools for Idunnohowlong. Everyone else was headed to Lumeni Falls and we said we would meet them there.

The first picture, the start of our journey, is crossing the Lumeni River. I love river crossings. Any water in Matabeleland is a sight to raise the spirits…

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What a better ‘gateway’ to the Matopos. And remember, this isn’t the Matopos of the picture books and tourist guides. This is the ‘back’ end of the Matopos. Here there is no wildlife, its where people live, attend school, grow crops…

Diana's Pools

We arrived at Diana’s pools…

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Not a soul in sight – the water clear, the sky blue and promising a lovely hot day…so I called the others, and yes, there is signal in the Matopos. One of the domes has been commandeered and ghastly masts erected. Its on our “to do” list – climb that hill…umm…in the car! I’ll post the photos, OK?

Diana's PoolsThey shelved the Lumeni trip and we had lunch under the trees, the kids slid down the rocks.

In case you are wondering where the name Diana’s Pools came from: they were named after the wife of the first District Commissioner from this area!

I got to see and photograph the orbicular granite. It’s a pretty  unique – there are only a few places in world the granite has formed in this way. The series following were photographed close to the pools.

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These picture shows the join between the easily recognisable granite and the orbicular…

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I think this rock looks like a mummy!!! A mummy with a serious acne problem!

Orbicular Granite


There are some lovely balancing rocks near Diana’s Pools

Orbicular Granite

Diana's Pools

Diana's Pools

We were welcomed by Mr Xhumalo (the local community representative). He charged us $1.00 per adult and didn’t charge us for the kids at all. The people are very friendly around here – but not intrusive and we all intend to go back and camp for a night. (PS – our gardener, Brighton lives a few kilometers from here, and it will be fun to visit his home. Imagine living in a beautiful place like this…)


3 thoughts on “Orbicular granite at Diana’s Pools…

    • I have threatened the poor guy that I will come and live with him when our house in Bulawayo also gets expropriated…he said “No problem…!” Maybe I should take him up on it…

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