In the Matopos…

Shumbashaba Lodge Matopos

We awoke to the silence.  Absolute silence, and this view…

Shumbashaba Lodge Matopos


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe light slowly changing…

Shumbashaba Lodge Matopos

Shumbashaba Lodge MatoposThe sun spreading its dusky glow over the world…

Shumbashaba Lodge Matopos

Shumbashaba Lodge Matopos


17 thoughts on “In the Matopos…

    • I won’t Joe – its just whether I can post them…Wordpress is very slow and even on a reasonable connection it takes some time to build. I can’t think what will happen when I get back home! The internet in Zim is worse than the old dial up!

  1. Frankie you have captured the peace and tranquility of the mornings in Matopos very well! You took me back there in your pictures – thank you!

    • Thanks for that, Bruce. I live in Zimbabwe and deal with the day to day challenges, yet even for me it was a magical experience, a ‘reset’ button was pressed and I’m back, able to deal with it all again! Once again, I can’t stress enough – if you have the opportunity, – add Shumbashaba to your “to do” list. You don’t get “entertainment” (bongo drums at the a’Zambezi,) or loud disco music. Nor do you get to see the Rhino, or Elephant as you do in the Nat Parks, but you do get other things foreigners don’t “get.”
      We go to many tourist camps and parks in the course of our work, and yet this one stands out as a “Zimboe” experience of the first order.

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