This is my all time favorite picture of elephants (taken in Hwange NP) – they were close to the road and we watched them for nearly an hour, living their lives…


These two hung about when we were trying to survey near this pan. They were curious about what we were doing, but didn’t like the whistle my husband blows (for the team to change stations.) Being the designated driver, I wasn’t that happy I had an exit strategy – the area around the pan was soggy and wet and the road wasn’t clear.


This guy pictured was a huge bull who wasn’t that happy to see us at Kennedy II pan in Hwange National Park. He didn’t really want any other elephant around either. elephant Wait your turn…surveys

Look at the tiny car – far there in the distance. If you squint, you can see our survey team spread over more than 200m. And that tree line is where the elephants come out and stroll purposefully towards the pan.

The guy who worked for ourclient has no time for townies – and that is how he perceived us. He changed his mind when I went digging around looking for a piece of wire to make a valve key (we had a flat when we went to Kariangwe earlier in the day…) and when we told him we wouldn’t shift one inch into elephant territory unless he came with us! After he decided we were “OK” he loosened up and was amazingly knowledgeable about ellies..Elephant

These three (below) wanted water and had to wait more than an hour for the big guy to finish.Elephant


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